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Coway BA-12 Bidet

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  • Cold Water
  • Soft Close Lid
  • Anti Microbial Plastic
  • Twin Nozzles
  • Stylish Design
  • Universal Fitting Adapter
  • Does Not Require Electricity
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Product Description


Air+ function

The washing water of Coway BA12 is aerated and is 30% cleansing bubbles of various sizes from -10? to 0.1? so that even minute contaminants can be washed away. When the bubbles are mixed with the washing water, it makes the water current soft and thick with an increase cleansing effect caused by the bursting bubbles. Now the cleansing effect ability to remove foreign materials is 40% better than our previous designs.

Easy installation

Coway’s BA12 does not need complex electrical wire connections so anyone can install it easily. Also, the joint of the toilet bowl and the bidet can be adjusted by a universal bracket to enable trouble free installation.

Sophisticated design

  • Ergonomically designed seat
  • Flower patter on control panel
  • Convenient jog-dial controller

Twin nozzles for hygienic washing

The anal cleansing nozzles and female bidet nozzles are separated for a more hygienic operation.

Provide clean water using MF filter

Prevent secondary contamination on the delicate part caused by polluted water


Features BA12 Electronic bidet
Bidet Yes Yes
Hygienic washing Yes Yes
Twin nozzle applied Yes Yes
Mechanical damper applied Yes Yes
Adjustable water pressure Yes Yes
Nozzle self cleansing Yes Yes
Adjustable water temperature No Yes
Seat heating No Yes
Dry No Yes
Model BA-12
Operating Time Maximum 0.2gal/min(1.2ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Bidet Maximum 0.2gal/min(1.2ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Bubble Wash Maximum 0.2gal/min(1.2ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Seat temperature Off
Warm Air Dryer Temperature Control
Operating Time
MF Filter Life Cycle 4months(2.5tons/month, for under 0.5NTU of turbidity)
Dimension (L)136 x (ø)48mm
Power Consumption No electric power required
Operating Noise
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 464 x 156 x 518mm 8.3 x 6.1 x 20.4inch
Net Weight 2.3kg(5.1lb)

Additional Information

Controller Colour

White Ctrl


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